11 May 2018

TrOPEN podium x SDG House

This week, May 19th, we have a special edition of TrOPEN podium: together with our SDG House community and resident Land Life Company.

It Will Be Green Again

The SDG House hosts 50+ organisations working towards achieving the SDGs. Would you like to get to know the SDG House and its residents? This Thursday resident Land Life Company will screen the documentary It Will Be Green Again with subsequently an Q&A hosted by Frans van der Beek of Radiostation Amsterdam FM.

Restore the planet

Land Life Company’s mission?
“We must and can restore our planet within our lifetime. With the COCOON planting technology we have a low-cost, sustainable and scalable solution to plant trees in arid soils. Together, we can revitalize ecosystems and communities for this generation and the next.”

Join us Thursday May 19th at 5.30 pm in De Tropen!


More info about Land Life Company on their website.

More info about this weeks TrOPEN podium via the event on Facebook.

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