Great to see you at De Tropen

Located in KIT Royal Tropical Institute at the edge of Oosterpark, De Tropen café-restaurant serves you cultural highlights in every which way. Taste the best of the world in our dishes, dance to global tunes and be inspired by international topics during our events. Come and see, hear, smell and taste for yourself!

Food brings you further

The world is home to many different cultures. There is so much to discover and by experiencing other cultures and their foods, we build on mutual understanding and respect. Eating together does not just fill your stomach, it fills your heart.

Faraway, so close

De Tropen at Oosterpark is where everything comes together. All senses are set to work to enjoy the best from places far, far away. We introduce you to new cultures to improve your world with all kinds of beautiful from around the globe.
Apple pie, chicken thigh, sausage, jalapeños
A place where grandmother’s apple pie is served next to Wayan’s chicken satay. Where both Ibrahim and Abraham eat their Dutch sausage – always with mustard. And where you douse Blanca’s jalapeños with Brand Weizen.

Opening up to new cultures starts with sharing a meal
Great to see you at De Tropen

KIT and
De Tropen

De Tropen café-restaurant is part of KIT Royal Tropical Institute

KIT is a not-for-profit organisation for sustainable, international and intercultural cooperation. It focuses on improving healthcare, sustainable economic development and gender equality in low- and middle-income countries. In collaboration with other companies and organisations also located in our historic building, KIT aims at reaching the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by 2030. Because the profit of De Tropen benefits KIT, your visit supports initiatives that make the world more sustainable – and more beautiful!